Throughout the last decades, the corporate speech has severely shifted. It no longer only covered the financial management of businesses and started to embrace other very important aspects: the social welfare and the sustainable development. Our group takes pride in having been pioneer of this evolution. We are aware of the fact that our company has not only impact in our field of work, but also in our employees, clients, country and environment. Consequently, we have established several attitudes towards reducing our carbon footprint such as:

  • In 2019, we launched our 100% Green Energy line, composed by vehicles that run on natural gas. We have modified the design of these trucks in order to make them standout from our original design. This line sets the pace for a shift in direction of our company and we hope to increase the number of gas-powered vehicles in a nearby future.
  • Although most of our fleet runs on diesel, we always bet on vehicles with very good fuel efficiency and low carbon dioxide emissions.
  • We recycle 100% of the garbage we produce in both our facilities of Seixal and Ovar.
  • Recently, we invested in an anti-pollution unity that handles the treatment of wastewater that we produce whilst washing our vehicles. This way we can assert that all the water that is used in our service station is 100% recycled and re-used by us.
  • We are certified for complying with legal requirements in the treatment of waste oils.

However, it is not only the environmental welfare that worries us, but also the social one. As of today, here are some of the contributions that we have made over the years in this area:

  • We sponsor a local football team and national first division basketball team.
  • Our group requalified a vintage olive press, dated 1876, that exists in our facilities of Seixal, promoting the restauration of our local heritage and also the preservation of the history of our county.
  • We substantially help a wide range of charity organizations that operate in diverse fields of action.
  • Our latest investment was in equipment and training of our employees in basic support of life and defibrillation , both in our facilities of Seixal and Ovar.
  • We maintain a close collaboration with the Volunteer Firefighters of Seixal.

We take pride in trying to make a positive impact in our world, which is something that we will continue to do and have been doing since 1946.