In the postwar period, precisely in 1946, the founder of our group, Mr. José Luís Gama, initiated his activity in the transport business by acquiring a 15 ton vehicle to transport agricultural goods.

With the need to expand his business and following his entrepreneur nature, he proceeded to acquire a hand-full of companies based all over the country under the brand Transportes Gama. However, it was only in the mid 70’s and 80’s that these corporations were merged into only two: Transportes Gama, SA (national service) and Transgama, SA (international and Iberian services).

In 1990, the reins of the group were taken by the founder’s son, whom brought major changes into the dynamics of the group. The fleet was incredibly expanded and we started to invest in the training of our drivers and also of all our employees. This investment cemented the name of our group, associated not only with our knowledge of the market, but also with our experience accomplished over decades of existence.

Currently, our group functions through symbiosis between the second and the third generations. The responsibility of continuing this family project and steer this company in the future to come rests on the hands of the third generation, never forgetting the history behind our group.